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July 16, 2016


As I have reported on before but I will mention again, the modern day Rome is considered now to be Washington DC. When I first reported on the prophecy of the popes and said this Pope Francis is to be the last pope. As well the prophecy mentions that the city of seven hills would be destroyed in a rain of fire. I never even thought DC then, but I kind of do now after more reporting on the importance of the Washington monument and capital i see itself as a place of great importance to the Ancient Mystery Babylon. The same mystery school that set up America set up the Templar’s and are still upset with the Pope and Catholic religion, I wrote about how they are involved with Kennedy as revenge years after the very first October Surprise.



Why is this important well there is a giant group of Christians’ gathering in Washington today and for some reason they have the name reset? They have videos on their channel called PUSH THE BUTTON and they also invite the Pope, who responds to them. Interesting their channel logo is a snake chasing its own tail. The plan is to get 1 million people in the park for "Him" .  Most would call him Jesus or God but the Mysteries would call it Lucifer.


Recent events in Turkey could set as a pretext for what comes next. Sites like VT are reporting that the capital of Turkey got nuked. If that were true you could say that DC might get nuked back and blamed on insane Islam. Killing a million Christians, the pope and the faith for Christians’ everywhere in one strike. Russia quickly gets involved if Turkey does and then Nato and so on. Just mind blowing now with the things that are lining up.



Plus with most false flags or planned events wee see numbers, look at these.... Today is 7/16/16 or 7/ 1+6=7/1+6=7 or 7/7/7. We have seen that number in a lot of events most famous being the 7/7/7 London Bombing> I do Not calm this is going down like that but I do say be aware, and keep alert. Stay safe and record it all! Hope we can all laugh about this tomorrow.

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