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Warrantless Car to Car Searches by Police in Canada

September 18, 2016


On August 23rd 2016 I was sitting out in my side yard having a conversation with a few friends, when one person mentioned "hey there’s a cop in your neighbors driveway" we all gave a quick look through the fence and saw him in my driveway now looking into the car parked in my driveway. Now concerned we moved out to the front yard to inquire what’s going on. By that time he had just finished closing the door to my van.. several people I know in the neighborhood came right over to inform me that he not only left some notice on my vehicles but that he opened them all, had a look around and then did this same thing to ever single car on our street. Trillium Way in small town Paris On. (pop under 12,000) is hardly known for its crime. Its more know as a place where everyone knows everyone else. A very close community that’s watches out for one another so to see the blatant violation of human rights in some attempt to overt crime just seems odd to begin with.



I admit first I was very angered by him opening my doors and having a peak around.. I reacted like hey screw this guy, he’s lucky I didn’t catch him! I recognized this as a common theme going around the net citizen vs. police and then quickly changed mind set into lets go report on what’s happening instead of confronting and escalating the issue. I went to social media with a small post about what happened including a picture of the notice. A few comments were upset right away and a couple almost didn’t believe so I decided to go film what they are doing and maybe even go Facebook Live. I followed the notices until I saw them, went live and filmed the following video. I didn’t give it a lot of thought right after as I was taking the wife out to dinner, before the end of that dinner the video was at over 1000 views. People were out raged and it didn’t stop there after 24 hours it was over 10,000 views with hundreds of shares... its gone semi viral. When I first approached the pair I yelled at them and startled them... they looked like kids with their hands right in the cookie jar, guilt ridin and acting like "oh were not doing anything wrong". I went right up and tried to get him talking as much as I could without a big scene, or me getting arrested. I could still get the story out and make dinner. Some of the concerns that popped up right away was Trespassing , Invasion of Privacy, Break & Enter and even fascism. Commenter’s were very quick to point out that the unknown lady was talking about Insurance company’s were funding this project to encourage police services to go around like this. A private company dictating to government is the definition of fascism. The merger of corporations and the state. Even the name of the program "Lock i or Lose it" to me sounded like a threat, right?


This is mostly just a review of what happened and an explanation to the haters or the people who think I just nuts, what’s wrong with police out protecting the public? Well I would have had zero problem answering my door to the same officer, he could hand me some information on said program and even ask me then " do you know if your car is locked now?" or something to that effect. Instead they sneak around like a criminal and break the very law that they are trying to enforce by opening without a warrant or probable cause. One single unknown car on the street is one thing but every car on the street and in all the driveways far of public property and on private land. I realize that mid afternoon in a metropolis is just as good a time as any to be robbed, but as I mentioned on the video this is such a small town most people leave cars unlocked throughout the day and even more leave our homes unlocked. Is the next step door to door check of homes? Once I got the information he was willing to share I started asking questions to draw more, I brought up the anti-police movement and if he thought maybe he was escalating this... he said “no”. When I reminded him about the fact here in Paris we got concerned and asked questions but some place like Texas he might get shot at for this, he said "it’s a whole different world down there" Now if I wanted to argue more that when I should have said, different world? You mean a place where the public take responsibility for their own lives, learns their rights and would defend themselves. Sounds like a different place alright and I like it. Instead of this must comply, political correct garbage I deal with. This may seem like a small issue compared to a police beating or corruption video but if we let every small issue go by one by one we lose the rights that our families fought for and eventually people who grow up I this police state everyone must check in craziness won’t even realize that they are living in a world none of our grandparents would recognize. I will be making a few calls to ask questions but all of that will be recorded and will be played back here on my blog page. This will be updated as information comes in.




Many people reached out and even a fellow internet blogger from Michigan did an interview with me (found here) and played the video. 







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