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What John Podesta's Secret Hand Signs Confirm

November 14, 2016



 It seems the most recent release of emails know as "The Podesta Emails" is stirring up quite the storm online. When they came out a lot of people starting going through them for "new" information.  For many of us it was more like a confirmation when the news broke. 

One email came out talking about "spirit cooking." When this came out many people were freaking out saying Hillary and crew are "in the Occult!" ...And spirit cooking is from the infamous Satanist Alister Crowley. I almost fell off my chair with shock because almost 4 months ago I wrote and entire article accusing Hillary of  being involved with Alister Crowley and the occult.... Boom! Nailed it!  Please go back and read my article entitled, " IS HILLARY CLINTON THE WHORE OF BABLYON? " I made claim to  seriously crazy things that seemed to some, completely out of left field. Now here we are.. completely vindicated. Not that it feels anything but horrible. We are talking about ritual sacrifice and rape of children. 

Crowley believes that 2 to 4 year old's can be "enlightened" by having their brain stems "stimulated" by sodomy. You heard that right. That's why the kids in the famous Hampstead 2 case described being raped by various plastic "willies," of different colors and sizes.  Here is one link . My editor has been nauseous and unable to sleep for two days reviewing this horror. There is solid evidence that it is linked to dis-associative trauma conditioning and mind control. Now, regarding Podesta,  some may


claim that one email is no big deal, there is no real proof or link to any thing else. Well, in addition to looking at the fine website "pedocrats.com" or looking at the solid 4chan and Reddit threads, here is more proof.  In the email release, number #3999, there is a very subtle email about climate goals and protecting the sea. The real story lies in the attachment... seen at the top of the article. John Podesta himself  standing with both hands at his side with the number 14 on his right hand and a fish drawn in marker on the other.
 Editors note: Chance is one hell of a numbers nerd, and it's hard for even me to follow along, but worth it. Some of his stuff is utterly mind blowing. 

In this article we will be doing some English Gematria using a standard phisher.




Now what does this picture symbolize or mean? Is it a code? I think it is.  

First lets look at the number 14. There is 14 phalanges on each hand; in the Hebrew alphabet the 14th letter is " נ " or NUN which is also the same word in Hebrew as FISH; in English that pronunciation is spelled "NONE." This letter is on John's right hand. "RIGHT HAND" in Gematria has a value of  42.  This is the number of the Egyptian principles, the precursor to the 10 commandments. 

The number 14 is Osirian cycle, is the base number that all mythology begins with, Set chopped Osiris in to 14 pieces and threw him in the Nile. Isis found 13, and the 14th was eaten by a fish, it was the phallys. 

Lets begin with the fish though for a minute. The geometry of the fish is a Vesica Piscis, or


the zodiac sign Pisces. This shape became the symbol for many religious figures including the Jesus Fish. In the book of John (not Podesta lol) it mentioned the fish and it gave a number, quote "one hundred and fifty three fish." In the diagram below, I use that as a base number horizontally across the symbol of a Vesica Piscis. When using units of measurement, if the horizontal is 153, then this  leaves the vertical at 265 units of measurement.  265/153 gives us 1.7320261438. This number squared (times itself) equals 3. Three is the first geometric shape, a  triangle or the symbol of the Trinity. There is the story of the father, son  and holy sprit in Christianity; Brahma, Vishnu, Sheba in Hindu theology; or most importantly Isis, Horus Osiris in ancient Egyptian lore. In this Ossyrian cycle, that I have explained  before, 13 & 14 are very important.  There is a greater detailed explanation in the Whore Of Babylon article mentioned above. The simple version is after Osiris was cut into 14 pieces only 13 were found after a fish ate the other, we all know which piece that was. Think Washington Monument. Look at the numbers 11, 12 , 13, 14 , 15. The last three numbers include the first sequence of Pi; 3.1415. The never ending number we see through out all creation. Alister Crowley wrote about a mirroring process (he did a lot of speaking backwards strange stuff, subject of another article). If you take 11 and square it, it becomes 121. 12 squared is 144, if you draw a line at the end of that equation then write the reverse of what you just did, 441 is 21 squared. Same thing for 13, 13 squared is 169, 961 is 31 squared. Editors note: my head is exploding please see chart.


The mirror works out the same perfectly through 11, 12 and 13 but not at 14. So that's where we put a decimal point. That leave us 13.1415 or Pi again. All of this starts to add up to Egyptian and occult knowledge. If you add 13, 14 and 15 together, you get 42 (remember the Egyptian principles?). This shows up a lot here when we use the letter cipher or just plain math. This was not created by the Egyptians, or Crowley, but has been used extensively by them. It does not mean that they are possessed of some special power, but perhaps are trying to tap in to a power that they believe exists because they see a "magical" or seemingly miraculous synchronicity in the mathematics of the Universe.

Here are some examples of the numbers and ciphers. Remember we are associating letters with certain numbers in sequence. Watch what is revealed about the deep relationships and seemingly "magical" syncronicities.  Is this evidence of a deep AI computer program at the heart of things? A higher power? That we've all gone crazy?  I will leave that up to you.  



13+14+15=42   (numbers in sequence)





356356 =28


14+28=42  (right hand # + fish hand)

14x28= 322 



15 52   2 15   7 42   76555   6 26 5  6555 653 65 551   65767  1515  75 1  52 5551             



 7 4 3255  76557551   62 6 57551   Added all together =322










55767  611 4 = 42


So what does all of this mean? Strange numbers with no seeming conclusion? For me its more of a deep confirmation. Unless some mind blowing greater power is at work, the  inner workings of the Hillary camp are showing us, in our face, deep Occult pagan symbols and signs. You and I would have no idea what this is but people who are initiated in this would recognize it. I am lucky enough to have looked into this subject for years so it stands out. Editor's note: Chance has some serious shit coming down about numbers, stay tuned. 

I started this article before the election was over, so I was focused on who I pictured stealing the election.  I will be writing a new article on my recent revelations regarding the Trump upset.  Remember all of these emails came out just prior to election week, but my Hillary article came out 4 months ago. Four months ago I sounded like a mad man claiming a link between Crowley and Hillary; claiming Hillary was a demonic Satanist. Now this comes out and everyone is talking about it! It  helps to learn I am on track and a bit ahead of the curve. Hopefully I can catch some more up-coming events.




Edited by: Activist Angel



About the Author: Chance K George 


is Author,lead researcher & Talk show host of MBC' s Break through show TRUTH TALK. Co - Founder and Executive Producer at The Media Broadcasting Center. Husband & father of 3 beautiful children. Martial Arts expert with multiple Black Belts. Production Engineer & Stage Music





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