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Activist Angel Rebuttal to Kevin Barrett & Veterans Today

November 25, 2016




I hope everyone saw that Kevin Barrett posted this video of the Seattle show where I debate him about "pizza gate" on Veterans Today


Then he proceeded to use that forum to bash me. (Awesome! Badge of honor). l don't have a Facebook and have no intention of 'logging in' to Veteran's Today, so I can't respond in his comment section. (The facebook comments will be removed if too many people disagree anyway).


So here is my response:


It is obvious that Kevin did not look deeply or thoroughly at this issue. He accuses me of "yelling" at him (...? I have a theater voice, but I never yell), and again references LSD for some reason. For the record, I do not do LSD. Life is WAY trippy enough.

He knows full well that several of the contributors at Veterans Today have written about the satanic ritual abuse that happens at the highest level, and even posts a link to the excellent documentary, "Conspiracy Of Silence." The existence of satanist/pedophile rings at the top of many institutions is now an undeniable fact. The only questions are;


What is being done about it?


Is it enough?


...And are there culpable people in powerful positions that can thwart the rescue of these children?


Half a million children are listed missing in the US each year, and only about 200,000 are ever found.


That leaves 300 thousand children not accounted for, each year in the U.S. Alone! That doesn't account for the children in other countries, especially refugee children and those from third world countries.


Is it possible that very very very rich people, or people with an unthinkable agenda who think of themselves as "Satan worshipers" would kidnap children for their purposes? Young blood can "invigorate" older rats; and Alistair Crowley had some horrific "hidden" writings that some of his many celebrity followers may or may not know about. Do not read this link if you have a weak stomach. Perhaps not even then.


We know it's happened before, Kevin Barrett admits as much. The idea that his cursory and superficial "perusal" of the evidence should put the matter to rest, is absurd, when the legions of brave souls that had gathered evidence on Reddit were simply deleted without any real explanation. (They said we don't allow witch hunts... witch is a fairly accurate description actually).


Perhaps this is merely, as Kevin put it, "a disgusting witch hunt slandering people some of whom may have sick and twisted taste in art and photography." Or, perhaps the cover up of the Franklin scandal that Kevin admitted to in this very show has continued for years; and now the internet and the vigilant citizens of the world that populate the censored and uncensored forums are able to bring a hive of stinging outraged rescuers to save these children. I beg anyone reading this to note that the videos of the beautiful "Hampstead 2" that I played, both their testimony and their (non)"retractions" are being removed at an alarming rate, along with Reddit and 4chan threads representing thousands of "weaponized autists" who are trying to save them. Please try and find these videos as they are reposted, and save them with keepvid.com These kids were returned to the coven that abused them. 


Do not simply dismiss this. If it is simply a bunch of "sick and twisted" art collectors, then they have nothing to hide and no reason to change their logos, set their instagrams to private, and delete entire Reddit, instagram, facebook and Twitter threads and accounts.

But... if this is true... as we KNOW it has been true in the past, then there are beautiful, innocent children in terrible danger from unthinkable "sick and twisted art collector" people.


Either way, we HAVE to find out.


Activist Angel We Are Legion


PS Here is an article from Veteran's Today itself, attesting to the reality of what we are talking about




PPS I didn't believe in the religious stuff, but after crying for two weeks, I am wavering.

Jesus Christ, please save our children from these demons.

Just in case it helps.


I saved many of the Reddit threads before they were taken down. Stay tuned for updates.








Lots of people have tried to do things about this.



A french documentary, where kids in France tell the EXACT SAME STORY:





Here is the original show from Donald Grahn's channel








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