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Why The Mandela Effect Fails At JFK... The Proof **Updated 110% Debunked**

September 12, 2017


This picture has sparked one of the theories associated with the Mandela effect. For any one unaware of the Mandela effect i have 2 articles previous written explaining some of this or simple do a google search one it. The main idea is the the universe at some point has filled reality or into another dimension type thing.


The JFK theory is that some people myself included remember 6 people in the JFK car vs how some people are recalling only 4 persons. The middle 2 people are the discrepancy. The picture here shows flowers left on the seat, door wide open and only 4 seats.






My second article titled What's Really Behind The Mandela Effect? i started to touch apon the fact in the 1963 Time Life magazine that other pictures included the 6 people in the car from a few slides of the famous Zapruder film. The first one I looked at  just the basics like who the 6 people were, along with some news paper reports about Governors wounds from being in the presidential car. I was told in the comments that i missed how Mandela worked which sparked my second article detailing why I thought the conspiracy popped up to start with. My mistake was I failed to read the print I posted from the Time Life article. I posted the whole front cover along with a few extra pages while the Mandela pushers never included the description. So you could relly argue which is worse but I can at least admit it. So here's the point ... on the very page the picture that started the whole controversy was the answer.


Clearly in print , last paragraph it states "all the roses, like those here abandoned in Vice President Johnson's car, were left to wilt". Read that again, "in Vice President Johnson's car".


This one simple description left out invented the theory but once read it explains it being in the article, why it had flowers in it and why there is on four seats... it's simply the wrong car. So if you remember four people in the car and this evidence is what you have seen as proof you can rest assure you were mistaken.


Many short blogs could be written like this demonstrating that the simple errors or misconceptions that lead in to the giant snowball effect or in this case Mandela Effect, now almost any thing could be an effect. Thousands of them and some how not a single one effects the big picture, none of them effect the fabric of the universe or create some Utopian fantasy world. It sounds good in shows and blogs and may even sell a few books but rest assure we are all here together in this single reality where the Kennedy's and the Connally"s went or a drive with Secret Service in Dallas late in November.




My previous articles on Mandela Effect



Why The Mandela Effect Fails At JFK... The Proof



What's Really Behind The Mandela Effect?



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